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Dominic Bowkett Explains Networking With Millionaires


Dominic Bowkett

The increase in Driverless cars on the road by Dominic Bowkett, Is this a good or a bad thing?
With the increase in technology, engineering, and manufacturing techniques, it is no surprise that the coupling of such in the automotive industry has resulted in the driverless car. These vehicles are an automated vehicle with robotics designed to travel without a human operator. In a report by Dominic Bowkett, it was stated “ Garner forecasts 21 million new automobiles will be equipped with data connectivity, either through a built-in communications module or tethered to a mobile device in 2017” And while the though sparks a hype and something to talk about, one should wonder if the increase in driverless cars on the road is a good or a bad thing. Here are a few pros and cons.

The Pros:
Lower Fatalities Perhaps the biggest pro for the increase in driverless cars on the road is its contribution to minimize fatalities caused by distracted driving. As Dominic Bowkett says, over 3 thousand people …